About Us

Curation Process

Welcome to the World of Limese

"We know how much a product can make or break a beauty routine. We tend to ask friends, relatives, and even look to beauty bloggers and gurus, before trusting a product. That's exactly why we curate our collection!

So that when it finally reaches your doorstep, you can be sure it has undergone a rigorous selection process.

Here's a glimpse at how we do it!"

Off Searching

The hunt begins in Korea, as we scour the land for exquisite products and brands- both established and upcoming. From online stores to physical shops or pop-up stalls, we look for brands that command a loyal following. To back this up, we also gain insight from professionals in the beauty industry- dermatologists, beauticians, and the brands themselves.

Gaining Feedback

To know whether a product is the real deal, we listen to the love from real users. Here begins a deep dive into reviews and impressions, to go beyond just good product marketing. Understanding what inspires the adoration brings us one step closer to bringing the item home.

Ingredients Check

Making sure each ingredient is top quality and gentle on the skin is our priority. If we don't think your skin will enjoy the formula, the product does not make it to our page.

It’s in the Detail

Now we're all about effectiveness, but it's great to have fun along the way. We love us some novel packaging, tantalizing textures and alluring fragrances. Beauty lovers everywhere, will agree that we want the complete product experience!

Behind the Brand

While vetting a product is important, it's also essential to know the people behind the scenes. We talk to brand officials and their development teams, to gather a sense of their dedication and commitment (to their products and customers). You can find insights to their stories across our website, as we try to dig deep and learn where they're coming from.

Real World Trials

Testing the product ourselves is a key part of our curation process. At Limese, we all give each product a test run, to make note of its look and feel, and of course its results! The items are incorporated into our daily routines, to get a real feel of our customers' experiences. Once we know they can withstand the test of time, they make it to our shelves.